Entry Instructions



The car park gate may be locked on your arrival. The code will be provided on confirmation of your booking.  Please make sure the car park gate is locked when you leave after your event making sure all your guests have left beforehand. Should there be other cars in the car park then please leave it open.


Entry is gained by the side door opposite the children’s playground.

You will be issued a code that gives you access to the times hired via text/email.

To gain access enter the code into the keypad allocated on the side door opposite the children’s playground.

You will be instructed via email as to the location and how to open the main front door.  

When you leave please follow the process to open in reverse, lock the front door from the inside, replace the key back where you found it then leave through the side door by the kitchen (make sure you push it to shut as it sometimes doesn’t close on its own). Please also make sure that you lock the padlock on the closed gate to the car park if all cars are cleared when you exit.

You will only have use of the downstairs (excluding the cricket changing rooms/bar).

Please make sure you leave the hall as you find it and the thermostat on the wall turned up for the next user.