Emergency Instructions

Fire or Smoke Alarm                         

If you or one of your guests discover a fire (no matter how small) or a smoke alarm sounds…

Immediately raise the alarm by pushing the fire alarm. The alarm is situated in the entrance hall on the wall just next to the main door.

Ask guests to leave the hall quickly (leaving all belongings behind) and without panicking using the exit(s) furthest away from the fire (If you have locked the front door for security reasons, unlock it to let people out).

Instruct guests to assemble on the green area outside of the main car park gates

Shut all fire doors, including the kitchen hatch.

Telephone the emergency services.

Attack the fire if possible, only if you know how to use the extinguishers provided, but without taking a personal risk.

Once you are sure everyone is safely out of the building shut all external doors.

Ensure clear access for the emergency vehicles.

There are two smoke alarms in the entrance hall, and one in the main hall near the kitchen hatch, and one upstairs in the community room.

Gas Leaks

If you or one of your guests smells gas…

  • Do not try to identify the source of the leak.
  • Get everyone out of the hall immediately, using the front door or the fire doors if necessary.
  • Open windows and doors but ensure no one re-enters the hall.
  • Contact National Grid Gas Emergency Number 0800 111 999, and follow instructions.
  • Inform the Maintenance Officer (07808579330). If the MO is not available, please ensure that someone remains at the hall to prevent anyone from going into the hall and to give access to emergency personnel, who will arrive within one hour.

First Aid/Accidents

There is a first aid box in the kitchen. South Wing in Bedford is the nearest hospital with A & E facilities.

There is a defibrillator outside the front door. If required, just follow instructions on the box.


If there is an accident or incident of any type please fill in the accident book that is in the first aid box in the kitchen. A member of the Biddenham Parish Council must also be informed as soon as possible. Depending on the seriousness of the accident a formal report form may be required.